“...A fair jewel emanates its cultural message of sensitivity, of thought, of immediate communicability, argued…” Bruno Munari,  flexible all-round artist of the last century. Today Mary and Laura Maresca, move on the same sensitivity, under the name of Officine Maresca Goldsmith, a reality that makes a jewel like   the synthesis of know-how. Thanks to the important family tradition inherited from his father Enzo, a skilled goldsmith from Campania, that in his factory concocting some yarn, modeled, built, and finished off unique pieces and packaged in a sign of timeless elegance.

The thorough knowledge of materials as the production process, strictly artisan, and the taste for sobriety enabled them to give birth to a trendy jewelery able to pour out his soul in inert matter.

We are heirs and witnesses of the ancient Neapolitan goldsmith's art. An art that makes us recognizable in the world, a know-how that makes us proud of our tradition and craftsmanship.


A like silver, silver as luxurious as touch and to bring.

The Intrecci collection value is all in the project, which here becomes synonymous with quality and reflected beauty.

The artistic inspiration comes to life with a simple belt, where the starting point can be the end point.

The tape unwinds and rolls up, changes its going in articulated paths to make a mark, a trace. In an inlaid game, swings and tangles, the jewelry of Intrecci collection, outline the new aesthetic, where reality and illusion merge.

In this silver ribbon there is the history, the memory, the trace of the industrious hands that meet and separate and from which comes to life the humble material.


The Maple wears

a gayer scarf,

the field a scarlet gown.

Lest I should be

old fashioned,

I’ll put a trinket on.

Emily Dickinson

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